Thursday, February 6, 2014

Media Solutions and first LINK UP PARTY!!!

Don't you love all those put together living rooms, with no tv's just a magnificent fire place, pristine couches, perfect throw pillows?.... wait what? you don't live like that? ME either.. ours is normally strewn with toys, pillows are normally on the ground or being thrown at one another. With two busy kiddos my living room normally looks like a war zone, with a Adam sleeping on one couch through all of it. Wait a second that may explain it.. he slept through mortar attacks guess that makes sense.

So with all that said we are currently in the process of redoing our living room. I found a wonderful old buffet that our tv currently sits on but its a mess.. a jungle of cords, components ect.. I have been on pinterest here and there and have found a few good ideas..  like this one from Lucky Me Studios

Paige added hinges to the drawer face.. brilliant..

So please share with me your media area.. solutions to cord issues, component issues, you decor in that area. Would love to see some ideas. I will do a round up of all my faves..

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  1. Hi Camile,This is pretty much what my living room looks like now! I read your post on the baseboard and I totaly agree it adds so much more character. Looks great! I scrolled down to this post and COOL I found your link party! Thanks for the invite and thanks for hosting! I will share this!


    1. Thanks so much Cindy! just getting started but I love link parties so hopefully some people will wanna join in! Love your blog! thanks for stoping by and sharing!