Monday, November 4, 2013

How to build a restoration hardware Maison inspired bed using ana white's platform base to start

The Finish tutorial is up.. you can see it here.

The DIY'ers

Thanks so much to Kayal for featuring this post on her blog contest! 

Anyone have $2000 I can have?................ No one? That's ok I figured out a way to get a similar look for way less.. I still haven't sat down and added up the total but it should be under 350.

The reason I wanted $2000.....
Restoration Hardware Madison bed without footboard
I love the look of this bed. I found a way to somewhat replicate it. Im currently waiting on more nail head trim to finish so I thought I'd make this a two part tutorial..the build and then the upholstery and finish..

The best part about this bed....Adam liked it... we actually agreed on something. It also makes it a little easier when I say......"hey, so, um, I have something I want us to build....." waiting for eye roll..."but you will really like it.." show picture explain to not so willing husband all my plans and how I think we can put it together....finally a reluctant yes. 

Fast forward 10 mins later (it takes me that long to drive to Lowes :) ) two poor young Lowes employes helping me sift through the cheap wood looking for straight board.. find everything I need and am on my way back on a mission. 

So enough with the blabbing lets get to the good stuff..... here is what I came up with.. I love ana whites plans, and it was while browsing through that I saw this platform bed that I realized I could get the look I was wanting.. 

Here are ana's plans for the platform part.. follow her directions to build.. I omitted the two 1x3 at the back top and bottom where the headboard will be going.. we also capped our corners with some corner trim. I will show in the pictures.. first read through these plans....

Here are some photos from our building process.

Measure out your 1x6's

Cut 1x6's

assemble your box. we used our kreg jig and glue

screw  in your support 1x2 two on each side and one in the middle

Cut your 1x3 and drill counter sink holes and predrill.

counter sink hole 

attach 1x3 to top and bottom of box. DO NOT ATTACH TO END WITH HEADBOARD

add your cove molding

cove molding down side

To build the legs I used fence post tops :) I had originally picked up some turned furniture feet at lowes but I saw these as I was heading to check out and changed my  mind I liked the sharper more square edges and they were cheaper only $3.46 each.. 

Beware this is pressure treated wood. Make sure you wear a mask when sanding it down a little more smooth...
find it here

To secure the legs we needed something to put them in. we took some of the scrap 2x4 and marked off where to predrill the hole to screw the fence post.. i mean legs into :) we used a bit smaller than the threaded end of the feet.. I think we measured 1 inch from edge then found the center.

predrilling for feet 


attach some more :)

How we built the head board

extra material needed.

6 1x2 @ 6ft 
22.5 inches of corner molding 
Be careful with your cove cutting and you should have enough to do the headboard also.. 

Here is a diagram of how we assembled the headboard hope it makes sense. You basically cut your plywood to the length you need making it flush with the edges of the base of the bed, we left the height the original 4ft.. Next measure and cut your 1x2 to frame the front of the plywood making outer edges flush with plywood. Then measure and cut your cove molding. Angles are at 45 degrees. Finally trim your outer sides and top of the headboard with the three remaining 1x2s. Look at photos if this is confusing sorry.

pretty simple cut to fit. we left it 4 ft tall. 

We needed the head board to be removable to get it in the house so we used some scrap 1x3 to attach it. 

fill all your seams and screw and nail holes. I like dry dex because its easier for me to work with than caulk.

Here it shows the 1x2 and cove that is placed on the front of the plywood... its then topped and edged with the other 3 1x2's

restorations hardwares side of headboard view

Us attempting to replicate lol not so much but a little visually interesting.. we routed the part out and sanded some.. you can just apply the reg 1x2 square.. they really dont show unless you walk in with the side of your bed in view.. which is typically a no no in design of a bedroom :) 

We attached corner molding to make it look more finished and so I wouldn't have to wrap the fabric around all the edges when upholstering. 

OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS sneak peak of the finish....Stay tuned tutorial to come soon...and its really very simple to do! 


  1. Just wanted you to know, I loved this so much that I featured it on The DIY'ers today! Can't wait to see the final product.

  2. Kayal thanks so much! And I just realized I forgot to add the link I'm so sorry! Things have been crazy busy here. Ill be sure and edit it

  3. Wow! This looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product! Great job!

    1. Becky thanks! my nails came in yesterday and I was able to finish my laundry room. So Im planning to go out and get started on the bed again hoping to finish today. so the finishing tutorial and reveal should be up soon. stay tuned!

  4. This is so impressive! I enjoy doing home remodeling as a hobby and am always trying to gain new skills. These posts and tutorials will be very helpful to refer to and give me new ideas!

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