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Restoration Hardware finish tutorial for Maison Inspired bed

Thanks Beckie for featuring our bed. 

This was the bed we were inspired by

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Good news! I have finally almost finished our bedroom which means I have also finished and am ready to share the tutorial on the restoration hardware inspired finish for our new bed. If you missed the build here is a link to my tutorial. Build this bed


So before diving into the tutorial let me show you what all we have been working on.. not to mention our bathroom that is almost done as well.

This is what we started with... I think I have already mentioned several times how the previous investment company owners sprayed every thing blue bell vanilla ice cream colored... trim everything...

no trim out of window just bull nose sheetrock.. yuck.

notice bathroom still under construction 

There can you see it? I know its hard. It's so tiny.. Im talking about the trim around the door.. yeah we changed that too.. 

We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Dorian grey. Its a great mid to dark grey. I fought between it and dovetail. I knew I wanted something a little dark, I think if I would have gone with dovetail it would have been too dark. If I remember right the Dorian was also a little warmer.. I have never lived in a house with vaulted ceilings so I wasn't sure how you handled the color on it. After some googling we decided to go with a 80/20 mix of our wall color and pure white. It appears to be white in the room without being like whoa theres a ceiling there...

And Here is after adam installed my new all time fave craftsman inspired trim. 

my two favorite helpers
I feel bad because I cannot remember now which blog I got this idea from but it was def not my own... She described it as "high heels" for baseboards and she was so right! Im in love went from 2 inches to about 6". The best part? After my husband looked at me like I was crazy for suggesting this, I showed him an almost identical molding at Lowes. It was 33$ for I think a 12 ft strip... It cost me 35$ for a sheet of mdf I had the lovely guys at Lowes rip it down to 4 inch strips.. one board did all of our bathroom and almost all of this room. We had to buy one more board but plan to continue this through out our house so it will be used in the other rooms as we get to it. You gently and carefully pull up all your existing baseboards then use those as your template to cut the mdf boards to size.. lucky me I didn't have to figure out that some of my inside strange corners were like 22.87-9479214732817403127 degrees :)...  then nail in your mdf and top with your old ones. Caulk and paint. This makes such a difference.. at some point I'd like to add crown but that can wait for now. 

So here it all is mostly finished.. I forgot to get a picture of the window but we trimmed that out also and it looks so much better! I have a big mirror to hang over by the little reading nook. The chair still has to be upholstered and everything kinda tweaked.. I just quickly set it up so I could get some pics of the finished bed.  

Some places I got things.

lamps are surprisingly from walmart
white sheets were from tjmaxx
the bedding I made out of two king sheets from walmart. It was so easy ill link a tutorial I followed. I think it cost me around 35$. 
Bed we made.
night stands pier 1
chair ikea
curtains world market
dresser garage sale and painted. theres a post on my blog on how to ect.. 
throw dollar store.. yeah i roll like that.. 

It really look so much better in person.. Im always disappointed when I upload my photos. Just not very good at capturing it lol. 

So onto the tutorial sorry for all the blabbing. We just worked so hard on everything I had to share.


the easy way :)

Things you need:
large drop cloth or fabric of choice
nail trim
staple gun or pneumatic gun
needle nose pliers 
briwax tudor brown
minwax finishing paste
valspar  Montpelier Ashlar Gray
paint brush

So first things first you need to upholster your bed.  I used two layers of 1/2 inch batting for the headboard and then a single layer for the bottom sides. 

We decided to upholster the headboard before adding the front trim so that I could wrap the fabric around to the back instead of having to fold and fit like on the bottom. Make sure you cut your batting to fit inside the framed out part to reduce bulk around the edges. 

Take some loctite spray adhesive and spray the headboard in the area your attaching the batting to apply your batting. I put up the first layer then sprayed it and applied the second layer. 

Next starting at the top of your headboard, before adding the trim, staple your fabric and let it drape down. After the top is secure, pull firmly and staple at bottom . Make sure not to staple to the platform part of your bed or the headboard wont detach for being moved.. 

Stretch and staple your sides. 

Now you can add your trim.

Since we had to upholster first you need to tape off your fabric before painting. I did two coats of the valspar  Montpelier Ashlar Gray

Make sure you let your paint dry well or the next step will just take it all off. I let mine dry for several hours. 24 might be best. I was ok with it taking a little off. 

After your bed has dried you can start on your dark wax. I used briwax in tudor brown. I was waxing furniture before all this annie sloan hype. I have tried her clear wax and like it but I used briwax before her so its just what I had.

If you have never waxed before try on a scrap piece.. This wax dries fast so you need to wipe it on and spread it out sort of quick don't over work it or it will start lumping and making a mess. I used an old well several old wash cloths for this.. here is an example of what mine looked like.

left is waxed right is un waxed.. dont worry about it being even.. but you want enough on there to darken everything.

After letting the brown wax dry for about 2 hrs. I started on my next part which is lime waxing.. you can make your own by mixing a clear wax and white paint.  I used minwax finishing paste you can get it at lowes. I was out of my briwax clear.. 

minwax paste and some white paint mixture

Start putting on your white wax.. again may be good to experiment first on scrap.. With this i didn't so much wipe it off.. I more put it on and spread it around.. leaving clumps in spots and working into any knots.. 

Let it dry and then come back with a clean cloth and buff to a nice finish. 

Last part and probably the most frustrating and difficult was the ribbon and nail head trim.. I had like 20 break of or bend.. go slow and expect mess ups.. 

Place your ribbon up next to your edge and then start applying your nail heads by hammering them in place... I didn't start with the corner as I was planning to overlap the ends of ribbon. I started with my first nail about an inch and a half over then continued down the line. Cutting at each corner. You can use fray check if your worried about it raveling.. and thats about it. Oh and good luck moving it this thing is heavy!

All in all im very pleased with the direction this room is heading. I really tried to balance the masculine
and feminine look of this room. I love the darker grey that is warmed up with the brown wood tones. Let me know what you think and any suggestions are appreciated.


  1. Just wanted you to know that I loved this so much, I featured it on The DIY'ers today!

  2. This looks wonderful! Did you make the duvet cover yourself too? That's on my list and I was thinking of using a drop cloth to do so. Thanks for sharing!

    Katie @

    1. katie yes its super easy... i just used two flat king size sheets from walmart :). i think it cost me around 35 dollars.. you can use this tutorial for the pin tucks is super easy.. i just put pins where i wanted them then twisted and stitched. then stiched the two sheets together.. Thanks for the compliment!


    2. just thought id mention that the drop cloths might be a little too stiff for bedding.. they do soften after washing but king size sheets work well and can be very soft depending on where you get them

  3. Wow. I'm amazed at all your diy brilliance. What a beautiful bedroom. I can't believe the before and afters. Amazing!

  4. Thank you for sharing the details on how you completed the finish. It looks amazing. I am going to try it out on a hall table that I built last week. I just hope mine turns out half as good as yours.

    1. thanks! Is the top planked? Thats really prob the only part I would worry about being hard to make look even.. if its planked I would work on one board at a time. and make lots of your white wax so you dont run out and have to remix.. it would prob be hard to get the combination right again.. good luck! would love to see a picture of it when your done feel free to link up!

  5. Is there a tutorial for making the bed? I love this but I only have my king frame right now so I need to make the bed, too

    1. karen there is a link in the first block of text at the top of the page its in pink and says build this bed it will take you to the other build post.. we first started with ana's plans.. ours and her plans were for a queen size, but you should be able to build a king, just measure the size of your bed and build for that size its pretty straight forward you basically just build a square box. hope that helps. let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. So my hubby and I (ok really my hubby) are making this bed! I am in the process of picking out the fabric for the headboard. Did you end up using a drop cloth then? If so, was it comfy? Also do you like the thickness of the upholstered part now that you have had it for a while and used it? I guess i am a little worried about choosing a lighter fabric cuz i feel like it would get dirty fast?

  7. I love your RH technique! Can you tell me what is your clear wax to white paint ratio for the Lime Wax?

  8. Your pictures aren't showing up and I really want to make this bed, help!

  9. anyway to get the missing pictures?

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