Friday, November 29, 2013

Faux fire place plans.

So with Christmas approaching in the new house I'm really missing our old fireplace. This house doesn't have one.. its all electric.. So what to do? Build a fake one! Husband rolls eyes..  but none the less here are the plans I have drafted so far.. we will also do some small built-ins on each side. Hoping to start soon..

Our first step is to create the hearth.. I decided to do a raised one.
Using 2x2 build your box. 

Add a facing to the box.
We will probably be using mdf or a plywood. This part we will be painting white.

Cover ends..
again with mdf or plywood

Add stained wood top. 
we will probably plank together some boards for this part. 
Next build the support frame that will hold the legs and header.. (I googled fireplace anatomy :) Don't I sound like I kinda know what I'm talking about hehe) 
use a kreg jig to assemble.. you will build a smaller one of like this also see next picture for dimensions.

Build your second support and secure to the wall.
I planned to use 1x3s
1x3s for supports
add sides of legs and header

Add the face of the legs and header

Trim out the front of the legs and header. 

the legs are trimmed with 1x3s on the front sides first then the base molding applied ontop of that. then the horizontal 1x3s.

the Header ( the part above the legs) is trimmed with horizontal 1x4 and vertical 1x3s.

Build the mantel. 
we will use 1x6 for the front and sides and 2x2s for the supports...

The top will be a 1x10 ripped to 8 3/4... this will be stained the same as the top of the hearth. Leave your top off to make it easier to secure to top of fireplace...

all done. We may also add a little trim piece above the 1x4 on the header. I just haven't picked on I believe the space is 1/4 there.. if you dont want to do that you can just move your 1x4 up flush with the mantel and cut you vertical 1x3s longer.. 

back view.. 

I plan to cover the "firebox" area in bead board that is cut at 45 degree angles to make it look like a herringbone pattern.. or at least that's the plan. we will see what happens. :) Hoping to start soon. 

What do you think about faux fireplaces?


  1. I love the look of this design. I am pinning this for the future. It would be nice to have a "fireplace" to hang stockings over:)

    Katie @

    1. Thanks Katie,
      We started last night but you know how it goes.. Adam's miter saw broke... so Merry early Christmas to him I have to go pick up a new one today.. We have already made a few changes. Ill be posting a finished tutorial once we are done.. so stay tuned.