Wednesday, November 13, 2013

YEAH!!! first room in new house almost complete... and its....... the laundry room


It feels like I have been painting for forever! Probably because I have painted for like 2 weeks straight. First it was our new bed which is still in need of finishing. Then I had to paint the master bathroom. Thanks to the investment company that previously owned the house we purchase and decided to spray everything including all trim and ceilings a wonder vanilla color I had to paint everything..seriously ceiling, trim, crown, doors, and walls.

I decided to start on the laundry room thinking I could finish it quick. Should have known my Plans never work out to be that simple.

I am not one to go super modern but I had an itch to do something super fun graphic and colorful. Im not sure how long it will stay this way but it's fun for the moment and looks so much better in person than I was able to capture on my phone.

So here it is our new super fun laundry room. I still have a few things to finish up such as finding a fun rug, installing crown molding, painting the ceiling, and building a folding and sorting station that will fill the space where the laundry basket and trash can are. I also have to spray and hang my light. But I fee like I can now take a break from this room and maybe catch up on the piles of laundry that are everywhere.

Sherwin Williams
Exuberant Pink
Pure white

coming in from our garage. 

coming in from hallway

These frames may be repositioned and the pictures are going to be replaced as soon as I get some printed... its on the to do list :)

........and just for fun.....
Obviously my husband doesn't have to do the finishing work.... thanks babe
if you cant find the stud try, try, try, and maybe try again...