Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to shop for statement pieces & a give away to OPJ

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Be sure to stop in and visit OPJ for your self 
3215 SW 6th st. Amarillo Tx 

When you want a statement piece, something that someone is going to walk into your house and say, "Hey this is neat where did you get it", or even better "what is that?" :)  I look no further than OPJ on 6th st.  in amarillo Tx. 

Don't get me wrong new retail business can have some nice things. However, there is something special about a piece that is old. It has a story and the worn edges tell it. I personally love old hand made pieces of furniture. No one else in the entire world is going to have what you have. 

So my suggestion to you, go shop at antique stores. They are going to have the things that are unique and in my opinion, down right treasures! Better yet, go shop at OPJ

OPJ is my favorite shop on all of 6th street. It's partly because they carry my favorite style, primitive and handmade pieces. The other part is because of Jon and Bobbi, the owners and creative minds behind OPJ. 

Bobbi and Jon are two of the nicest, out going, shop owners I have met on 6th. They make you feel welcome, and on several occasions have kept an eye out for things they knew I was searching for. They are a real pleasure to meet and know.  

and here is their story on how OPJ came to be. 

"Several years ago my wife Bobbi had an idea of doing a booth full time. We had bought quite a bit of things from auctions and estate sales. On the way to town to look at a booth, Bobbi got cold feet and thought we should just garage sale it all."

"Well my husband Jon went forward with the dream and rented a booth. From there, for several years, we had rented booths at different locations around Amarillo. At one point we were in 4 different stores at the same time. In October 2012 we were able to open OPJ at the corner of 6th and  Louisiana. It was a tiny store. In february of 2013 we moved to our present location at 3215 SW 6th st. You could fit our entire first store in our back work room! We have an absolute blast doing this!"

So as the saying goes a picture can say a thousand words.. and too keep you from reading several thousand of my own, here are several wonderful pictures of OPJ. 

store front

Old letters

old butcher block someone needs this in their kitchen!

primitive small cabinet with drawers would make a great storage for crafts or kitchen. 

I am in love with this buffet 

Check out the tin top on this!

Neat old door knob on this big cabinet

look for old caster on pieces makes it easy to move and adds some industrialization to your look  
This little guy came home with me :) 

Love this and the patina 

amazing bird house

how about this guy in your kitchen?

great farm table 

take out your cheapo mirror and replace with this in your bathroom!

mirror detail 

this is an amazing piece I see it maybe in a laundry room or  living room storing quilts 

do you spy? the huge old feed trough.. would make a great planter or an awesome place to chill your drinks for you party this hot summer!

dont for get to look at the neat old lights to add some character to your house!

seriously you don't get cool pulls like this anymore

these baskets are great for storage..

Remember the little heater that I said came home with me? Well, here he is in his new home. Im currently working on redoing my kids bathroom and he added just the right touch!

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  1. Great review of OPJ! They are awesome, and so are you! :)

  2. Aw thanks sarah! I really love this shop. Bobbi and Jon are great too! thanks for the kind words!