Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We are Moving!

So our house has sold and our offer has been accepted on our new house we found! We have worked with an amazing friend and agent, Christine Wyly ,for several months and many home viewings. We finally found a great deal on a 4 bedroom home in one of the newer subdivisions. The downside? Well it's new. HUH? I know most people would love a new house but man are they builder grade, well in our budget they are builder grade.

The good news lot of projects, and upcoming blog post on diy!  I have some big plans for this little house.

So here is some of my inspiration so far... and if you have any suggestions feel free to chime in!

Im thinking my first project will be the kitchen, because it such a small job, haha yeah right. I do see a lot of potential in this room though. Here are some of the changes I want to make.

  • Paint the cabinets
  • remove floor tile backsplash (still don't understand why they think its a good idea to use floor tile)
  • use beadboard or subway tile for the new back splash
  • build a plate drying rack to go over kitchen sink
  • I have found a neat old cast iron stove I'm contemplating for the island, or build an island. 
  • paint walls. 
  • remove a few panels to add glass to cabinets. 

Chalk paint the kitchen cabinets and install beadboard or subway tile.

I want to instal high board and batten in most of the rooms.

intal wainscoting around master bath and possibly walls.

Ok this one may seem a little odd.. but I really think it would help out the living room. Even if it is faux.  There are no windows so no focal point in the living room and the ceilings are 10ft high..
faux fire place

most of the door ways are either not framed or have very small molding. So I'd like to beef that up a tad.

not sure I'm going to be able to convince Adam of this one, but a coffered ceiling would look so good in the living room.

and thats just some of the ideas of where this is headed. I love the layout of the house and the fact that it has the extra bedroom that we were really needing for A. my craft room :) and of course when we have family come.