Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apple Cheeks Elastic Replacement

Supplies Needed:

Seam Ripper
Thread (100% polyester. NOT cotton) 
Sewing Machine
Patience :) 

If your diapers elastic is relaxed or shot its easy to replace. 

Diaper on right has shot elastic. Diaper on left has newly replaced elastic. 

Step 1
Take your seam ripper and carefully rip out the old stitching that holds the elastic in place. Both the tack down part and the long stay stitching that runs the length of the legs...

Step 2
Flip your diaper inside out and remove the old yuck elastic. Mine was really bad here...

Step 3
Cut your elastic for your legs I cut mine to 7.5 inches, if you would like it looser cut a little longer, tighter cut shorter...

Turn your diaper back right side out and reach into the pocket with your elastic in hand and line your elastic up with your tacking stitch line. Leave about 1/4 inch hanging over your stitching line to make sure you grab it well. This will all be blind you will have to feel where you elastic is... sorry i couldn't really show this step well...
Elastic has been placed inside between the inner and top layer and lined up and ready to stitch in place

Step 4
Stitch forward and then backwards several times to tack down your elastic well... 

Step 5
Repeat steps 3 & 4 on other end. 
Step 6
Now its time to sew in your elastic down the stretch of the leg it really helps if you have a needle down button on your machine but if you don't you can still do this might not be as neatly sewn... 
needle down button turned on

Place your diaper so that its facing you length wise and put your needle down in your tacking line you sewed previously. Make sure you elastic is line up in front of where you about to stitch you can follow the old stitching line... you will have to work with your fabric to get it to lay flat.. sew a few stitches forward then back tack to secure your stitching. Stop with your needle down into your elastic to hold it still and in place.

Next stretch you diaper all the way out... you will see the elastic start to align with its previous stitching. Sew slowly down this line grabbing the back and front of the diaper and helping it through the machine, don't rush it just keep it stretched... sew all the way down to the second tack stitching and stop back stitch to secure stitch. Pull out and you have finished your first elastic replacement!
One hand should also be near the back by where the needle is to help stretch the fabric I just couldn't take a picture and do that at the same time...

top is replace bottom still needs to be done :)

Repeat these steps for each replacement. 

Back elastic measurement approx: 5inches
Front elastic measurement approx: 4 inches