Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kinley's Bedroom Make Over

My 4 year old had decided the other day, that it would be a good idea to take my scissors and cut into her bedding. She got in very big trouble and has lost her privilege of using scissors for quite some time.  I was very frustrated with the fact that she had decided to tear up her nice things, but a part of me deep down jumped at the fact I could now have a very good reason to redo her room since it had been bothering me from the day we painted it pink! 

I knew I didn't want anything little girlish, I wanted something that would last and would grow with her. So here it is.. still a work in progress would like to frame some of her art and add things to the wall but it is so much more relaxing and tranquil and I very jealous of her bed spread; however, I don't think Adam would go for something like this in our room. 

Sorry for the bad picture my camera wouldn't capture a wide enough angle, but this is from the outside looking through the door and really does no justice for the room. and please ignore the mattress under the bed. We are waiting for little man to get big enough and it can be moved into his bed. As of now it's the only place we have for it. I painted the wall in mineral by bher. and moved in a grey rug that had been in our room. would like to find something else but it will do for now.

Her bedding is from Urban Outfitters and I love it! It adds enough pink with out being over baring. The pillow is from target. 

The small dresser I bought from a local antique store and painted white and destressed it. The doll house was her birthday present and a labor of love. 

This is a chair my dad made and my mom painted for me when I was little. They are now Kinley's and I love them even more now than I did then. 

Kinley had a black Melissa and Dough Piano that she loves to play with, however it stuck out like a sore thumb so I painted its one of the colors I had used on her ombre dresser. 

This is the ombre dresser I had worked on for her. I still need to do something with her photos, like maybe update haha, and would like to spray her lamp, just haven't decided on a color yet. 

All in all im pretty happy with how it is turning out just some fine tuning and I think it will be super cute! Kinley loves it and has promised to never cut her bedding again. we shall see. 


  1. Hey Camille! You did such a wonderful job with her room! Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Liebester Award. Head over to for the details. I'm looking forward to reading your responses!