Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY oversized growth ruler and Duvet winner!

Firstly Congrats Toni Mahana! sorry It took so long. You won the custom duvet cover!!!! 

Been a crazy week, or month for that matter. In the process of redoing our living room, which includes taking down some sheet rock from the door frames to bring back to studs to install a door frame. Good by drywall bull nose edges!

So needing do get a little craftiness out I decided to do a project I had planned to do for quite some time.. and here it is. Its so simple and the kids love seeing how tall they are.

This was such a simple project I really enjoyed the quick gratification. Lately our projects have been drawn out ones. Such as my coffee table that's still out in the garage waiting to be sanded.. reveal to come soon :).

This was  a nice evening project in front of the TV with my husband asking questions like What the heck is that.

All you need: this list is embarrassingly short.
a 1x5 pine board from your local lumber yard.
briwax turdor brown or a stain of your choice and a ploy..
black paint maker
speed square
tape measure

First I laid out the board on some trash bags to stain and wax. After the wax had time to dry I buffed to smooth finish.  Then I took my tape measure and put a small tick mark every inch from one end to the other.

I then took my speed square and drew the lines across.
1 inch for the inch markes
2 inch line for the 1/4  and 3/4
4 inch for the 1/2
and 5inch for the foot lines..

I then just hand drew the numbers on but you could use a stencil also. I just didn't have one on hand.
I the just nailed a picture frame self leveler on the back so it could be hung on the wall.

and... Kinley approves! short and sweet!