Monday, August 5, 2013

Kitchen Update For A Tight Budget

This post has been a long time coming. What I thought would be a simple tear down to open up the kitchen a little turned into a wonderful and simple update to our semi-dated kitchen. 

We had this row of cabinets that were pretty high and stuck out over our bar counter blocking most of the view into the Kitchen. So I suggested to Adam, why don't we just take them down. He said absolutely not, well one day later the cabinets were down. It inspired me to go ahead and update some. We had a very small budget since this wasn't really planned out. Here is what we did.

tore out old hanging cabinets (free)
adam built a new display cabinet in place of the old hanging cabinets (Free)
tore out small tile backsplash (free)
replaced the backsplash and covered the wall with bead board (40$)
bought all new hardware (121$)
bought a new faucet (175$)
built a range hood cover (free used wood I had on hand)
Painted all top cabinets with fresh coat of paint ($50)
Painted and waxed the bottom in a blue and dark wax. ($40)
tore out old saltio tile (free)
2 new light fixtures ($100)
replaced the tile with plywood plank flooring and I whitewashed and stenciled (100$)
we just recently updated all our appliances to stainless, now that wasn't part of the first small budget we did that about 6 months later. (4000)

so i guess it was $626 there were some other misc. cost like paint brushes, nails, caulk, ect.. 

So on to the pictures, and of course I'm horrible about before photos, but trust me this looks so much better. Im not sure what we spent total but I would guess less than 1000$ not including the new appliances. 

P.S. sorry for some of the cruddy ipad pics. I have got to order a wide angle lens soon!  

I made the range hood cover. I got the idea here

appliances are all GE 

hardware here and here

new faucet ordered from amazon here

Adam (my hubby) built this cabinet. He used the wood from the cabinets we tore down.  Inspiration and tutorial here

Fisherman light in aged copper here

World Market  

Oak plywood floors ripped into 6" boards then laid like wood flooring. white washed and stenciled. Inspiration and free downloadable stencil pattern. here


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  2. Love this makeover!! Easy and inexpensive, great job!