Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kinley's 4th Birthday Celebration!

So the day came and went! I can't believe my little girl is officially 4. I had so much fun working on her party! She had requested a Doc Mcstuffins party. We had two of her best friends come I had done several special things for each little girl.  

Firstly the party girl! The Doc is in!

For each little girl I made doctor coats out of white mens dress shirts I got for 3.50 from goodwill. here is a tutorial if you need one on how to make them. I used my serger but since its just for play sewing with a regular sewing machine would be fine, you could always zig zag stitch the seams. I also made doctor badges with the girls pictures and names and put 
toyologist as their speciality.


 I bought the little shot cups from the dollar store and filled wit skittles for the "medication"

 Wish this picture would have turned out better i worked very hard on her name banner and it was so cute in person.

These lanters were purchased at hobby lobby and were hung above the kids table.

  I  had put up a canopy made of plastic table cloths from walmart that were about .97 each... after a very crazy look from my husband and some resistance he graciously took down the ceiling fan and managed to complement me on a job well done once he saw the finished project. And trust me this was so worth it.

Kinley's priceless reaction to her new doll house! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love this!!! What a cute party, I might have to do this one for Bryn too, she loves Doc McStuffins! :)