Saturday, September 7, 2013

Diy Tripod Floor Lamp... Get the Look for Less

I love the look of the tripod floor lamps. I however do not like the price. $200 on up to $1000. No thank you. Today I was out at a local antique store and found this little guy....

He was $78 but the owner of the store told me she could do $60. So I decided that sounded do able. You can probably find them for cheaper on ebay but I liked this one so I got it. 

The one problem I ran into with this one was that it had a little metal thing in the middle that needed to be taken out. I used my Dremel to remove it. 

Here is what you need for the lamp part I got it all at home depot. You simply follow the instructions on the back...

Westinghouse 3-Way Socket Make-A-Lamp Kit

Westinghouse Assorted 1/8-IP Zinc-Plated Nipples (8-Pack)

Westinghouse Brass Plated Nuts and Washers (6-Pack)

I used the nipples, nuts and washers in the hole in the tripod to act as my base and give it a firm hold. Then you simply put together and wire the lamp kit. Don't be scared its very easy! I had never wired anything before. The directions lay it all out for you..took me maybe 10 mins to get it all set up. I still need to find a shade. I stole this one from another lamp in the house for the picture.