Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New wood door mat

Quick, inexpensive, durable, and oh so fun door mat! Easy to build, follow directions below. 
Seriously tired of buying door mats. They seem to last like a month here at my house or they get wet and start shedding and looking yucky.. and they all seemed too small.

I saw this idea on pinterest. I believe it was a Martha Stewart project. I had tons of scrap wood, and the rope so this project cost me nothing! If you are not a hoarder like my self, or like my husband would like to tell people, 2x2's are a little over a dollar at lowes. I was able to get 3 boards from one 8ft length. I cut mine to 24" so if you did them a little shorter you could get 4 per board. I had 16 total. I had 3/4 inch rope on hand left over from a project gone bad for Ryker's room. See Adam, I told you I would find some where to use it. :)

So like I said I took my 2x2's and cut them to 24" lengths. I used our miter saw but even a hand saw would work for this project.

16 total @ 24"

next I measured 6 inches from each end on the two end boards. I made a line then using a long level drew a line all the way across the boards, this would mark where to drill my holes. 
disregard the second line. I originally did 4" but decided on 6"

I took a scrap piece of wood and laid it under the 2x2 as I drilled the holes.. I used a 1/2 drill bit and just kind of wiggled it around in the hole to make it a tad larger.. I wanted it to be snug so the boards wouldn't slip around.

I took some acrylic paint I had on hand and watered it down a tiny bit to do a wash on all the boards. It didn't take them long to dry... I'm still debating on what to seal them with.  for now I just left them as is. 

I tied a knot on one end of the rope and added tape to the other end. 

My 5 year old came out and decided I was making a huge xylophone so she wanted in on the action.. she wasn't as thrilled when I told her it was a door mat. We fished the tape end through the holes pulling the slack until the knot caught.. then did that the rest of the way down ending in another knot. 

Super happy with how it came out. Hoping to repaint my front door to night! I have been a major slacker on outdoor projects this summer. I guess after moving in we have been focused on inside, but man my entry is so boring, well a little less so now. 

Are you a fan of the wood door mat? What fun summer projects have you done? would love to hear from you! Happy Summer! 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rykers New Big Boy Room

Ryker figured out how to climb out of his crib. So a new room it was.. and a new big boy bed!

 I loved the Lydia daybed plan from Ana White. My brother had an old pine bed that was very similar to this when he was little and it just seemed perfect.. I liked that it had some sides to it, I just felt it was a little girly. So I changed a few things. I left off the side molding and simplified the side cut out panels. I also opted for a stain rather than paint.

Im currently still waiting for a very large antique map to come in. It will be hung centered above the bed. 

For my stain I applied Olympic maximum cedar Naturaltone.. It an deck stain I believe.. but it was the only stain that gave me a very golden orangey yellow.. I mean its orange lol.. but I wanted that warm undertone. I then used my favorite wax of all time. Briwax tudor brown I buy mine from a local antique store. This helped reduce the orange a little and give it a more aged look. 

Here are a few more pictures of his room so far. I still need to build him a dresser, hang the map and add some more decor, but I love how it is turing out.. and sorry for the terrible pictures we were finishing up late.. Its so much cuter in person.. the nave is a much darker saturated navy.. 

So far so Good! Ryker hasn't come out of his room yet after laying him down :) hopefully it will be  a smooth transition. 

Let me know what you think! 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Large Herringbone cedar board arrow DIY

For some reason I'm overly excited about how this turned out and wanted to share with you what I did today. It was a total random project. 

As I was finishing painting my rug, I was noticing all the scraps of cedar fence pickets we had left over from our old fence project.  All the sudden I had an urge to make something with them.. and this is what happened.

I Love herringbone patterns, and the current arrow trend. I started out not really knowing what I wanted to do.. I laid the scraps out on my drive way and came up with the arrow pattern... not like it was some genius idea or anything.. I search the garage and found some scrap 1x3 boards and decided I could nail them to that. I started the first picket  by cutting the first 1x3 at a 45 to give me an idea of the angle to nail them down.. I just started laying them out and hand nailed them down..

I had left over pieces from the fence that were already cut; however, cedar pickets are only 1.79 I believe at Lowes right now.. so you could make this your self for pretty cheap you would just have to cut the boards to even links and either dog ear or leave square corners.. and 1x3s aren't that much either.. probably cost somewhere around 20$ or less I would guess. 

To get the colors, I just took some acrylic paint I had on hand and watered it down some. I did a wash on several of the board and several I left natural. 

For costing nothing I'm pretty excited about how this turned out and that I was able to make use of all the scrap pieces I had. I'm not 100 percent sure this is where it will stay... I'm thinking I want to hang it sideways on our big blank wall, but will need Adam's help doing that.. so this is where it is now. To hang it I used one of those self leveler hanging brackets nailed to the back! If you decided to make one your self I'd love to see the outcome. Post on my facebook page or tag me on twitter @imperfectlyimag

be sure to share and I will feature some of my faves on a future post! Would love to see what you come up with!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 tips for a better paint job

Hey guys today you get a sneak peak at my dining room. I have been waiting to show anything in this area, because it has been such a disaster. It still is in the works but getting closer. We still need to paint the walls and ceiling, trim out the window and door, and redo the base molding. I have been putting off all of this because I plan to tackle that once we start on the kitchen, which the dining room is attached to. The kitchen cabinets will be painted either white or a grey white.

So this brings me to my paint finish suggestions. I found this sad little desk for cheap and decided it would go in the dining room. I'm sorry I didn't get a true before picture. I had already started on sanding and everything when I decided I should maybe post about how I paint furniture.

The feet were in worse shape than the paint. 

The paint was chipping and uneven. It had drips and was just plain sloppy.. So I fixed almost all of that. 

Here is the after shots! yeah my fav part. ( I hate painting furniture, but I love the outcome) 

I feel like I should also mention.. be considerate of what you paint.. not all furniture should be painted. I hate seeing a beautiful antique that some one has slapped some chalk paint on :(

remember that photo a little bit up of the nasty feet here let me remind you! 



After a lot of scrubbing with vinegar and a fine steel wool they look so much better! 

This piece had a lot of prep work needed. I sanded a ton. I had to fill and glue a few places and sand some more.  

So here are my 10 suggestions to getting a great finish on your painted furniture.

1. Pick what kind of paint and color your using. 

I usually paint with a homemade "chalk paint" I don't have an exact recipe. I normally buy a quart can from Lowes and fill it a little over 1/4 way with plaster of paris. Then add in water and stir really well. I don't like mine super thick. I get it to about the consistency of thick paint. Then I add in my paint. I normally use a flat finish. I add a little bit at a time and stir and stir and stir some more. 

If you are wanting to use a regular paint then you need a really good primer! Zinsser 123 is the one I prefer. 

2. Get good brushes and rollers. 

Go ahead and spend the money on  good brushes. I prefer Purdy brand. I mostly use a 2 inch. It seems to be the most versatile.

I use cabinet foam rollers for a smooth finish. (this desk was done with almost all roller very little brushing except for the legs.) 

3. Probably the most important and annoying step, PREPARATION 

If you want a good finish you have to put in the hard work. That means sanding, filling any holes, chips ect. 

This piece took me for ever to sand down. Now I'm not saying you have to get to bare wood, but it needs to be even.. this desk had major drips and runs.. so it took forever to get it all even. 

It also had lost of places where the veneer had chipped off this required filling and more sanding. 


4. Decide where you want to start first

Do you want to start with the small areas that need brushing or the larger areas where you can use a roller?

I started with a brush first with this one. The majority was going to be rolled on so I decided to knock the legs out first. Another good tip, paint the legs first. That way you can flip the pice on its top before it painted.. 

5. Wet your brush before you start

I always wet my brush before I start painting and wring it out will in a towel. I find this makes cleaning the brushes out easier. 

Don't let the paint dry in your brush. I know its annoying to clean up in the middle of a project but if you are needing to switch brushes or rollers wash them out well with soap. Your brushes will last a long time. 

For rollers you can roll them up tight in a plastic bag this well help them keep from drying out. 

6. Don't over load your brush or roller

It's better to do several thin layers than one thick messy one.  Your first coat should be very thin and you should still see most of the color underneath.. Add on from there.. 

7. Check your edges and corners. 

I alway roll my paint on and while still wet, I take my roller and just very gently roll over the edges to suck up any build up. Your edges will be the first place to get thick and have drips... keep an eye out for those.. if you do get drips.. you need to wait probably at least a day or more and then sand them out.. don't keep adding paint.. it will just make a bigger mess. So it's best to avoid and really watch for drips and runs. 

On edges, it's best to sweep the brush from the middle out off the edge. Don't come back the other direction or you will get paint drips on the edge. 

8. Allow ample time for it to dry 

Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry before putting your drawers or door back in or on you piece. 

9. Smooth finish with sanding.

I didn't  have to do it with this piece but on some where I have to use a brush. I get a finishing sand paper and sand between coats and after finish.. just very lightly. 

10. Apply your finish

Whether it be wax (what I used on this) or a polycrylic ect.. make sure you have something on it to protect you paint. 

Hope this was some help to anyone venturing into painting your furniture. Let me know what you think.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Craigslist OOPS saved..

So this morning I made a little bit of a bad call.. I bought this small little cabinet thing.  The lady I bought it from even provided me with the measurements, but it was smaller than what I had pictured in my head.. I went ahead and got it anyways..  I knew Adam wasn't going to be thrilled when I got home.. so I had to come up with a plan quick.


A quick stop at lowes and a couple hours of sanding and painting and my little funky dresser, cabinet thingy has a new purpose!! 


What do you guys think? I'm about to send a picture to Adam of how it turned out. Hoping he is more excited about it now than when he got it out of the back of the truck :/

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Time at the Davis House

I don't know about you, but I felt this morning that I NEEDED a change in scenery.  The cold is just depressing anymore. God blessed me with a beautiful day! Right now as I'm writing this, from my patio, my kids are enjoying the warm sunshine and their play scape. With just a slight breeze, its absolutely perfect outside. 

Thought I'd share with you what I got done during the kids nap time. To back track a little, this morning I woke up to my dog having had diarrhea all over my kitchen floor, my new dining room rug (which was luckily an outdoor rug) and my living room rug (unluckily jute). I think  I have saved the new rug can't say the same for the jute...pretty sure it will be seeing the trash. 

After about an hour of gagging and cleaning, We decided to get out of the house. We took a little trip as a family to World Market and Joanns. 

I decided some spring pick me ups were needed at the Davis House. So here is what I got. I'm very happy with the quick pick me up. 

I made me a new wreath for the front door. 

I found the cute bunny and veggies at world market.. 

For inside my daughter helped me make a terrarium. I drafted up a Peter Rabbit printable. I love Beatrix Potter.